Teaching activities of Juri Lebedev in higher education

The successor of the traditions of two great conducting schools – Russian and German, Juri Lebedev teaches symphonic conducting at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg and Weimar. His pupils and students from around the world take prizes in conducting competitions and work as conductors in symphony and opera orchestras.
Juri Lebedev has been teaching at higher educational institutions for more than 20 years, since when he received an invitation to the Higher School “F. Liszt ”in Weimar first to the department
theoretical disciplines for teaching reading symphonic scores and instrumental studies, and after a while for teaching symphonic conducting.

One of his spiritual music mentors in Weimar prof. G.A. Albrecht was a student of G. Abendrot, who, being the chief conductor of the Weimar Theater, was the head of the conductor’s faculty of the F. Liszt ”and actually became the founder of the Weimar conducting school.
Juri Lebedev received an invitation to teach symphonic conducting to the St. Petersburg Conservatory after many years of collaboration with the St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra. The invitation came from his professor A. Titov, a student of I. Musin, the founder of the St. Petersburg conducting school.

Possessing a unique opportunity to unite the traditions of the Russian and German conducting schools in his teaching, choosing all the best that is in each of them and developing new directions, studying with Juri Lebedev allows pupils and students to more deeply learn the secrets of the conducting profession, which requires an applicant in addition to the musical giftedness, talents of a psychologist, teacher, possession of organizational skills and leadership qualities. A profession that is still shrouded in a mysterious halo of mystery.