My Story

“… An inspirational conductor who subtly feels the musical styles of different eras and imbibes the traditions of two great conducting schools; a versatile and deeply educated musician who opens new composer names at contemporary music festivals; a talented teacher and musical figure who takes part in music broadcasts on radio and television; arranger successfully collaborating with UE and Sikorski … “

Juri Lebedev, chief conductor of the Thuringian Youth Orchestra and the contemporary music ensemble in Weimar,
Permanent guest conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg, the Thuringian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, actively collaborating with the Philharmonic Orchestras of Germany (Weimar, Leipzig, Neubrandenburg, Koblenz) and Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Volgograd, Saratov).

The main director of performances in the theater of Weimar, Erfurt, Hanover, Brandenburg, Putbus. Critics praised his work as a conductor in the theaters of Meiningen, Würzburg, Zwickau, Altenburg with the operas of K. Monteverdi, W. Mozart, D. Rossini, G. Donizetti, D. Verdi, R. Wagner, D. Shostakovich, M. Kagel, D. Glanert.